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Finding The Strength In Being Vulnerable

The Jersey City Review

Molly Stremba is a psychotherapist who provides in person and virtual psychotherapy to her clients in both New York and New Jersey. She works with children from as young as seven years old, to teenagers, adults, parents and families. Stremba assists her clients to identify patterns in their relationships, break cycles, create healthier dynamics and even regulate their mood. Her clients learn fundamental skills to trust themselves to improve their self-compassion and self-esteem through different life transitions. Additionally, Stremba teaches her clients important techniques for interpersonal communication to express themselves effectively to other people and to set certain boundaries and limits in their relationships.

Stremba started her own business this year, but has a lot of prior experience in psychotherapy by working in hospital and group practice settings. What really drove her to open up her practice was her own personal experiences with bullying. She wanted to give people the opportunity to share their own unique stories and to have somebody to talk to. “I always said to myself, I want to help people to raise their own voice and when they can’t, I want to give them the platform to be able to be heard.” 

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Stremba has found that more and more individuals have been seeking mental health services. She has also realized that through the pandemic, she has been able to connect with her clients on a more personal level by facing some of the same struggles. “I go home and worry if I’m keeping my family safe too. It’s something new that I think clients never knew before, so I think that kind of changed up the playing field. I think it actually made our clients feel closer to us in a way.” 

What Stremba does a little bit differently than other psychotherapists is that she helps her clients build skills they can use both inside and outside of therapy. She slows down the whole process and allows her clients to apply what they learn in therapy out in the real world, without necessarily needing guidance from another person. “I want to give [them] the bravery and the strength to be able to be vulnerable and know when [they] need the support. Part of me is giving [them] the fundamental things to be able to really reach [their] goals outside of therapy too. The work is not only done in therapy.”

If you are considering therapy or just need someone to talk to without the fear of being judged, contact Molly Stremba by visiting her website

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