“Molly provides the perfect balance of warmth and challenge to our sessions together. It took me quite a few therapists before I met with Molly, and she made me feel comfortable to bring my whole self to our appointments. She has created a safe space with no judgement and goes above and beyond just our sessions. Sometimes she’ll send articles she comes across that she thinks may be helpful which shows she keeps her patients top of mind well beyond the 1 hour appointments. It may sound silly but Molly truly listens and is extremely thoughtful which is rarer than I expected in this field, and I am so thankful to be working with her.”
Julia P
"For years friends and family have been encouraging me to go to therapy after all of their positive experiences; for years I have pushed it off. Last year, I like so many others, I realized that my mental health was taking a turn and decided to take the leap into therapy. Having my first therapy experience over Zoom definitely presented itself with its own challenges; slowly but surely I began to see how sessions with Molly were impacting my everyday life in a hugely positive way. Over the last few months Molly has given me a safe space to begin to explore aspects of myself that I would never have touched. She has known when to push my exploration deeper and when to pull back. Molly has started the process that is allowing me to feel like a better friend, daughter, partner, and person and for that I am so thankful."
“Molly is amazing at what she does. Each time I step into Molly’s virtual office, I experience such a feeling of comfort and acceptance. I’d say she exudes the best qualities in a therapist: patience, understanding, open-mindedness, reliability, authenticity, etc. During my time with Molly, she has helped me tremendously—whether she’s teaching me a skill to ease my anxiety, showing me a different perspective or encouraging me to step outside my comfort zone. Her guidance has contributed significantly to my personal growth and I am very grateful to work with her. I would absolutely recommend Molly to anyone interested in psychotherapy."
“I have worked with Molly for years and have had the pleasure of witnessing her growth as a clinician. Molly’s approach in her practice being client-centered and strength-focused proves her drive to work with the client where they are at and to ensure a working therapeutic relationship. Her motivation to provide a safe environment for clients does not go unnoticed. Not only is Molly a hard-working clinician, but a wonderful person. Working with Molly will not only be a fulfilling but a worthy journey.”
Melissa R.
“I appreciate working with Molly. She is very thoughtful, action-oriented, focused and has helped me assess an issue and work through the many complex situations. She creates a positive and supportive environment and challenges me to think and feel during our sessions. I wholeheartedly recommend her!”
“Molly and I connected almost instantly during our first session, and I have never felt more comfortable. Our sessions have changed my life for the better, and I highly recommend her. Molly truly cares and is patient and attentive in her approach. She's helped me learn to be a better communicator and most of all, find my voice. I look forward to our sessions each week and am so thankful for her. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to start therapy.”
"I really like working with Molly and look forward to our weekly meetings. She intently listens to me and helps me by giving different tools that are beneficial to my mental health. I feel like I have made a friend that will always be there for me.”